Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Tischer

Büro: Gotha
Friemarer Straße 38
D-99867 Gotha
T: +49 3621 - 510 411
F: +49 3621 - 510 412

Mr. Bernd Tischer, born in 1952, is a Diploma Engineer for Data Processing.

After studying at the Dresden Technical University he worked for 12 years at the Erfurt Center for Data Processing where he was an engineer responsible for the organization and the optimization of technical tasks.

In the early 1990’s Mr. Tischer worked as an instructor for IBM AS/400 and PC technology. This experience was closely connected with his position as a trainer for the application of different calculation systems. Furthermore during this period he sold hardware and software products for IBM, Lexmark and other companies.

Since becoming a qualified administrator for UNIX, data bank systems and heterogeneous calculator networks, Mr. Tischer has been working as a consulting engineer helping small and medium sized enterprises introduce the use of telecommuting and videoconferencing systems. Mr. Tischer has also collaborated on an European-wide project within this field.

Recently Mr. Tischer founded a consulting engineering firm with partner Matthias Stender. As a partner in this company Mr. Tischer provides consulting and other support services for small and medium sized companies preparing and performing innovative technical projects.


e-Mail:  b.tischer@ilmtec.de