Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Stender

Büro: Gotha
Friemarer Straße 38
D-99867 Gotha
T: +49 3621 - 510 410
F: +49 3621 - 510 412

Matthias Stender, born 1958, graduated at Ilmenau Technical University as Diploma Engineer in the field of cybernetics and automation technology.

Following his studies he worked for 4 years as a member of an interdisciplinary theoretical ecology research team within the Biology Department at Rostock University. During this time he was responsible for dealing with problems associated with applying dynamic optimization strategies to models for aquatic ecological systems with the aim of designing optimal strategies for the clean-up of former waste sites.

Since the early 1990’s, Mr. Stender has been a Consulting Engineer for small and medium sized enterprises. In this capacity he advises his clients with regard to planning and conducting technical research projects. Specifically, he primarily works on behalf of clients to obtain government funding for their projects. While working as a Consulting Engineer in Germany, Mr. Stender has also gained a considerable amount of international professional experience. Most recently he was the responsible German partner in a European Union sponsored project devoted to the introduction of telecommuting in small and medium sized enterprises.

After having gained extensive experiences with other consultancies Mr. Stender recently founded a consulting engineering firm with his partner Bernd Tischer. As a partner in this firm Mr. Stender continues to offer his technical expertise to small and medium sized business both within Germany and internationally.


e-Mail:  m.stender@ilmtec.de