Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Werner Buff

Büro: Ilmenau
Werner-von-Siemens- Straße 6
D-98693 Ilmenau
T: +49 3677 - 4624 861
F: +49 3677 - 4624 866

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Werner Buff teaches technical classes at Ilmenau Technical University in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and is the Head of the Laboratory for Semiconductor Sensors.

For the first several years of his professional career Prof. Buff worked in the field of temperature measurement techniques and following this worked for many more years in the field of microelectronics. For more than 20 years, however, Prof. Buff has focused his interests on the development and the application of electronic devices which operate by using surface acoustic waves. For the last 10 of these years he has committed himself to the task of developing identification devices and sensors based on surface acoustic waves. This field has been constantly growing for the last decade and moreover its functional principle allows the unique opportunity to construct sensor systems in which the sensor may be interrogated in a wireless manner via RF and in doing so the sensor itself does not need any energy supply (i.e. a battery). Such sensor systems have increasingly been paid a great deal of attention in recent years. This operating principle allows the gathering of sensor information where there otherwise does not exist any measurement method. In industry there exists a large number of such problems (e.g. under high temperature condition or in movement).

Aside from his teaching duties (fundamentals of electronics, sensor technology, microsystems technology, microacoustics) and his scientific research activities Prof. Buff is a founder and owner of SENTEC ELECTRONICS ILMENAU, a company dealing with problems associated with sensors and electronic circuitry for sensors.

Prof. Werner Buff is a senior member of the Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control society of the IEEE.