Dipl.-Ing. Michael Bartelt

Büro: Engenstein
Bibergrundstraße 1
D-98666 Engenstein
T: +49 36874 - 725 29
F: +49 36874 - 725 28

Michael Bartelt, born 1970, completed his studies at Ilmenau Technical University from 1990 to 1996 before graduating as Diploma Engineer in Electrical Engineering.

Following his studies Mr. Bartelt founded the firm BARTELT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GbR which he currently manages. This company, located in Biberau, Thuringia, is primarily concerned with the installation of electrical equipment for industry, private users and local communities. In addition, the company deals with the design of switchboards and controlling systems for machines as well as software development for controlling production processes.

Aside from the managing of his company, Mr. Bartelt is actively involved in research and development activities focused on the optimal application of energy. Evidence of his interest in this field was his participation in a project for the development of energy measurement and controlling systems for companies with high levels of power consumption.

A hobby hunter, Mr. Bartelt has also collaborated on the creation of a laser-based shooting simulation system for the training of sportsmen and hunters. This system is also the subject of Mr. Bartelt’s PHD thesis which he is currently preparing.

e-Mail:  m.bartelt@ilmtec.de