ILMTEC`s consulting activities are focused on the following areas:

Trends in technological development and the critical consideration of new ideas of customers related to

  • the technological level,
  • originality and the higher level in quality compared to existing solutions,
  • technical and economical feasibility,
  • the expected relationship between cost / time and benefit in the development and manufacturing process.

Consulting and support of research projects:

in the phase

  • making inquiries related to patents and literature,
  • searching for support programs, choosing the proper program(s),
  • co-ordinating research projects,   
  • searching and integrating project partners,  
  • preparing of the documents to be submitted,   
  • preparing in advance of negotiations.

During the course of a project

  • searching for partners and procure appropriate companies for test pattern building,
  • providing scientific support during the development,
  • supporting the initial practical use of a product,
  • searching and securing appropriate partners for the
    manufacturing process.

During the introduction of a product

  • undertaking the search for (a) qualified partner(s) for sales and
  • supporting the development of sales and marketing strategies.

ILMTEC combines the long-standing experience and expertise of its partners in the interest of its business partners and provides assistance in establishing national and international business contacts.