Consulting Engineers Association Dr. Prueger & Partners

ILMTEC is a firm combining the skills and experience of its five engineers with the goal of undertaking tasks which are too large for only one of its partners acting alone. By utilizing its inherent synergies the company will achieve results which could not otherwise be obtained.

ILMTEC draws together expert specialists with proven success in the fields of electrical engineering and sensor technology, mechanical engineering, technological consulting and the transfer of research results into production. This combination of complimentary expertise guarantees the best possible service and results for the client.

The specialists working for ILMTEC are either owners or co-owners of other companies. This ensures that these individuals have prior experience in running a company and understand the problems which small and medium sized enterprises often face.

ILMTEC offers its services mainly to small and medium sized enterprises in Thuringia, Germany. In addition to its operations in Thuringia, ILMTEC is actively seeking to expand and enhance its contact with companies in other parts of Germany and with foreign firms.


ILMTEC’s operations are mainly focused on initiatives which leverage novel and innovative ideas in a way which supports the development of new and modern products. These ideas will be created either by ILMTEC or by its clients. In both cases the company sees its task as moving forward the development process to the point at which a product can be manufactured and sold.


ILMTEC’s consulting activities are focused on the following areas:

Trends in technological development and the critical consideration of new ideas of customers related to

·       the technological level,

·       originality and the higher level in quality compared to existing solutions,

·       technical and economical feasibility,

·       the expected relationship between cost / time and benefit in the development and manufacturing process.

Consulting and support of research projects:

In the preparation phase

·       making inquiries related to patents and literature,

·       searching for support programs, choosing the proper program(s),

·       co-ordinating research projects,

·       searching and integrating project partners,

·       preparing of the documents to be submitted,

·       preparing in advance of negotiations.

During the course of a project

·       searching for partners and procure appropriate companies for test pattern building,

·       providing scientific support during the development,

·       supporting the initial practical use of a product,

·       searching and securing appropriate partners for the manufacturing process.

During the introduction of a product

·       undertaking the search for (a) qualified partner(s) for sales and marketing,

·       supporting the development of sales and marketing strategies.


ILMTEC combines the long-standing experience and expertise of its partners in the interest of its business partners and provides assistance in establishing national and international business contacts.